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Synopsis: This 1-movement orchestral suite follows the story of a protagonist as they make their way through and attempt to escape from a treacherous and hellish city. 


in part 1 (labeled Mechanical Wasteland in the score): Our hero enters the menacing gates of this decrepit city to find hordes of mechanical robots marching along the borders of the city walls. They are freighting and malicious.


in part 2 (labeled The Patrol in the score): Our hero scurries through the streets, attempting to remain unseen by patrolling guards.


in part 3 (labeled Theatre of the Townsfolk): Our hero arrives at the city center which is oddly inhabited by a large group of real humans. They have built a theatrical stage in which a surreal and uncanny fanfare of theatrics are being performed. There's a funeral march that ensues within the play, as well as a budding romance between characters (represented by first chair violin and cello in the music).


in part 4 (labeled Blom the Bottom Feeder in the score): The townsfolk begin screaming in horror and fleeing for their lives as the colossal abomination of a monster known as "Blom the Bottom Feeder" stomps his way into the city to eat the humans. Our hero makes haste to escape as a fugal section in the orchestra begins playing. Does he get caught in this chase? That last chord of the piece is open to speculation....

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